UMD Undergraduate Research Journal


The University of Maryland, College Park has long been established as a top national research university. It is consistently named as one of the top fifty research universities and one of the top twenty-five public research universities in the nation. The university garnered $401 million dollars in research money in 2008, funding faculty and graduate investigation of our world from the myriad perspectives of scientists, sociologists, businesspeople, historians, and artists.

However, for the University to fully reach its potential as a top research institution, we believe that undergraduate students should play a more central role in the discussion, exchange, and visibility of research on campus. Currently many undergraduate students complete Honors Theses, Gemstone Theses and conduct research in labs on campus. Before now, though, there have been few outlets for students to share their work with the rest of the community and engage in the academic discussion and debate across specialties that sharing of research confers. It is this very "culture of research" that we wish to promote. Scientific Terrapin salutes student researchers for their initiative, their dedication, and their pursuit of knowledge and, thus, will fill this void by offering an outlet for student researchers to publish their work across all disciplines, including:

  • The Life Sciences - biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and ecology
  • The Applied Sciences - engineering, mathematics, computer science, physics, and goelogy
  • The Social Sciences - economics, government and politics, psychology, business, and sociology

Scientific Terrapin provides a stepping stone for scientists across disciplines at the beginning of their research careers. We seek to provide undergraduate researchers a forum to present their work and receive peer and faculty review, as well as readership and recognition. We seek to connect student researchers with one another, so they might form intellectual partnerships and friendships, and so will sponsor workshops and presentations to not only encourage interdisciplinary discussion and debate, but to share research opportunities and practical advice for advancement in their fields. We herald the work of promising young minds and extraordinary mentors, allowing the community to learn about exciting research produced at the University of Maryland. And last, we hope to inspire students as they enter the university or continue with their education, to take the next step and join their fellow classmates in contributing to this culture of research and to claim their integral role in the vibrant and dynamic research at the University of Maryland.