UMD Undergraduate Research Journal

Volume 3, Issue 1

Marxism and Frantz Fanon's Theory of Colonial Identity: Parallels between Racial and Commodity-Based Fetishism

Jacqueline Crowell
Despite Frantz Fanon's and Karl Marx's shared goal of the emancipation of all human beings from oppression, Fanon maintains in his final book, The Wretched of the Earth, that the connection between his theory of colonial identity and Marxist ideology cannot be reduced to a superficial doctrine of class struggles. Though Fanon resisted an oversimplified comparison with Marxist theory, this paper argues that Fanon's analysis of the colonizers' fabricated identity of the colonized is derived from the structure of Marx's monetized social relations and the fetishism of the commodity which produces these relations. [...]

Volume 1, Issue 1

Ethnic protest and rebellion in nominal, transitional, and consolidated democracies

Denjamin MacWilliams and Dan Murphy, National Consortion for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
Measuring protests and rebellions staged by minority groups relates directly to the civil unrest of a country. Scholars have used civil unrest to study the volatility of democracies in relation to how intense conflict becomes and what type of regime the government ascribes to (e.g. democracy, authoritarian, etc). However, no research has disaggregated protest and rebellion data to study the frequency of unrest in these varying regimes. Based on a review of the literature, it was hypothesized that countries transitioning into democracy will have a higher frequency of rebellion due to their instability. [...]