UMD Undergraduate Research Journal

Submission Guidelines

Types of Research:

  1. Scientific Terrapin accepts manuscript submissions from the fields of life sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, and social sciences whose primary author is a University of Maryland undergraduate student. Manuscript must be an original research paper or literature review.
  2. Original research is research done by you, involving the collection and analysis of data.
  3. A literature review is a summary and analysis of a specific field of current research articles that contains new ideas beyond what is contained in the reviewed articles. Literature reviews often describe the research in a field historically and by subject, and then use the data and conclusions of each article to draw larger conclusions about the field.
  4. The papers should be directed towards a well-educated audience and may use technical language. The writing should show an attempt by the undergraduate researcher to tackle an intellectually challenging subject. The work should parallel academic rigor accepted in the professional research community.
*Note* - We accept or reject papers for publication based on content, not format. If your paper meets the content standards listed above and is recommended for publication by our review staff, we will help you edit your paper such that it meets the format standards listed below.


  1. Manuscript should be in the form of an editable text file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf).
  2. Manuscript should be no more than 10 pages of text, 1.5 spaced, in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.
  3. Gemstone Theses and Departmental Honors Theses are welcome as abridged versions.

Paper Sections:

  1. The included abstract should have a length of up to 250 words.
  2. Sections should be clearly labelled (abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, and references for a research paper).
  3. Acknowledgements should be limited to funding, material donations, intellectual property, and support work. Anyone who contributed significantly to the paper, such as the mentor or lab head, should be included in the authors in order of contribution, with the lab head last.
  4. References and in-text citations should be formatted according to the IEEE standards with unabbreviated journal names.

Editing Deadlines:

  1. Include at least 2 forms of contact that are checked regularly. If your paper is accepted, we will be contacting you to make edits to your submission at least twice during the publication cycle. Should the staff assigned to the submission fail to receive a response by the deadline set, or within 3 days if no deadline is set, the publication of your submission may be delayed to the next publication cycle or cancelled.
  2. Please read the review process and timeline for these editing deadlines.

How to Submit Work:

  1. Download and sign the consent form.
  2. Click here to submit papers online, OR
  3. Submit papers via email to